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Brock has a great year and a great Finals in the Texas Sheepdog Association

Brock capped off a great year in the Open Ranch Class by holding on to his lead for Open Ranch Dog of the Year. He was able to do so by winning the first go-round and tying for first in the second go-round to win the average at the Finals putting the icing on a great year of sheepdog trialing.

Brock and Crook win at Houston. We just finished the 2013 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Sheepdog Trial. Brock was 2nd in both the Open Ranch and the Nursery while Crook was 3rd in the Open Ranch but 1st in the Nursery.

Crook won the Open Ranch Championship at the Texas Sheeepdog Finals held in Stephenville. She did so by having a solid run in the first go and 1st in the 2nd go with 32 dogs running in each go-round. This gave her the best combined score to win the title. Brock had his best finals in the Nursery class winning 4th in the first go-round and 1st in the 2nd go-round. This gave him a combined score that was good enough for 3rd overall. Photo by Barry Lambert.

Crook won the Reserve Championship in the Pro-Novice Class at the Southwest Cattledog Finals held in Graham. She did so by winning 4th in the first go and 2nd in the 2nd go with 32 dogs running in each go-round. She got beat in the 2nd go by Brock who won the go-round.

Wyoming 2012

Mitch wins 2nd at the Wyoming State Fair Cattledog Finals

Brock is the Nursery Champion at the Jim Chant Memorial Cattledog Trial at the Carbon County Fair, Rawlins, Wyoming. Mitch won 1st in the Open.

Brock wins the buckle in the Open Ranch Class at the 7 Bar Ranch Cattledog Trial in Saratoga, Wyoming by winning 1st in both go-rounds. Mitch was 2nd in the Open in the 2nd round.

Mitch and Brock each won 1st in their classes on the second day of the End of the Trail Cattledog Trial in Torrington, Wyoming. Crook was 2nd in the Nursery,

We were in Canada for several sheepdog trials. One of which was the Wild Rose Sheepdog Trial in Bowden, Alberta. Soot won both rounds of the Nursery with 21 dogs running each time. Shown with me as I receive the gold cup for winning the average is Lorne Landry of 100 Mile House, British Columbia, judge, on the left and Joselyn Dye, center, of Bowden who was one of the trial coordinators. Notice the red ribbon. They gave a red ribbon for first and a blue one for second.

Jiggs goes 2 for 2 with 1st place wins in the Open Sheepdog Trial at the Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo in Austin(2nd day) and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

There are 2 new sheriffs in town. The Southwest Cattledog Association, taking over most if not all of the cattledog activities in Texas and New Mexico and, the National Cattledog Association, doing the same, beginning April 1st, on the national level. I hope you will support these 2 new organizations whose efforts are strictly for the promotion and betterment of cattledog trials. You'll find links at the bottom of this page.

Angie wins the Open at the 2011 Texas Cattledog Finals


Photo by Carol Gifford

We just returned from the National Cattledog Finals in Redding, Iowa. After 2 go-rounds and a double lift finals, Mitch had a perfect score with the fastest time to be crowned National Champion Open Cattledog. Angie came in 5th in the final results. The trial started with the top 50 qualifiers in the United States. After 2 go-rounds, the field was narrowed to the top 21. The finals is a double lift so 2 outruns are judged and the course is run with 6 head instead of 3. Mitch drew really good cattle and took every command to lay down a perfect run a couple of minutes faster than Bill Reed and Ann of Tennessee. You can see all the scores by going to www.usbcha.com and clicking on the Cattledog Homepage. There will be a one hour special about the Cattledog Finals on RFD TV in September. It'll will be shown on September 5,6, and 10th.

Angie wins buckle at Rawlins, Wyoming Cattledog Trial

Angie wins Overall in Open and Belle(Owner Cam Brandon)wins Overall in Nursery and Open Ranch at 7 Bar Cattledog Trial in Saratoga, Wyoming. Thad and Kristin York Trial Hosts.

Angie wins Alberta Stockdog Association Triple Crown Award


Here are the Associations I belong to and their web links and some other sites that I like to browse through on a regular basis:

National Cattledog Association
Southwest Cattledog Association
Walker Livestock-- Homer, Louisiana
Texas Sheep Dog Association/Texas Cattle Dog Association
United States Border Collie Handlers Association
Wyoming Stockdog Association
Cowdog News
Gilbert Stockdogs
Cowdog World

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