Ben has been a great dog for our kennels. Not only has Ben won more than $25,000 but he's also sired Mitch and Angie who together the past 2 years have won over $15,000. Ben always gave me 120% and he knew how to step up at the 'big ones' and give me just what I needed to get the win.

I love telling the story about how God takes care of fools. How do you pick a puppy? When Ben was a puppy I'd picked the two I wanted to keep and started selling the rest. When I was down to 1 puppy left to sell(Ben), nobody else showed up wanting to buy a puppy. I still had him when he was 8 or 9 months old because nobody had called wanting to buy a dog. If they had, they would of had to buy Ben because he wasn't one of my picks and at the time I still didn't know what I had. Fortunately, no one showed up to buy a dog and when I start training, I could see right away that God was looking out for me because the one I wanted to sell was probably the best one in the litter.

Keeping records and photos helps you remember everything but even without them I'll alway remember Ben's last run in an arena timed sheep trial and his last run in a judged sheep trial. His last run at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo sheepdog trial was 59 seconds. That was the fastest of the entire show for all the advanced classes. His last run in a judged sheepdog trial was at Helotes, Texas in an arena but it was judged. Ben won 1st in the Open. So at least he didn't leave us as a sad reminder of what age can do to one, he left when he was still at the top of his game. He left a WINNER.

Below are the trial results taken from this website, where Ben excelled. After all he'd done for me, I believe he deserves his own page. Thanks for the memories Ben.

'Ben', Open Champion at the Top of Texas Cattle Dog Trial in Pampa, Texas
With 25 open dogs both days, Ben was in an 8 way tie for first on Saturday and placed 3rd on Sunday to win the average and the belt buckle being presented here by George Wallace of Pampa. Lee won 2nd in the first go of the Pro-Novice and finished 2nd for the average buckle. Bill was 5th in the Pro-Novice on Sunday and Rudy was 7th in the Open on Sunday.

We're back from the RED RIVER CATTLEDOG CLASSIC in Healdton, Oklahoma. Sixty dogs competed in 2 go-rounds with the top 15 going back to the finals. Ben and Rudy made it to the Finals and when it was all said and done, Ben finished 10th and Rudy finished 11th. Rudy won the first go-round and Ben was 8th. Ben was 3rd in the second go-round.

SAN ANTONIO STOCK SHOW--A good day at San Antonio. Ben won 1st in the Open, Lee won first in the Open Ranch and Bill won 2nd in the Open Ranch. In the Nursery, Bill was 3rd and Bree was 4th. Next stop is Star, Texas at Carl Larsen's house for a cattledog trial on Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 28th and 29th. You can see all of the San Antonio results by going to the bottom of this page and clicking on the link for the Texas Sheepdog/Cattledog Association and then clicking on SHEEP/CATTLE RESULTS. While you are there also click on 'UPCOMING EVENTS' to find out more about a cattledog trial or sheepdog trial in your area.

ROCK SPRINGS, WYOMING August '03--We had a good run at Rock Springs. Ben won 1st in the Open and I'm seen here in the picture with Mrs. Celia Slagowski of the Wyoming Stock Dog Association receiving a belt buckle and desk pen set for winning the Open. Rudy won 2nd in the Open, Bill won 2nd in the Nursery, and Lee won 3rd in the Nursery.

THE SUNDOWNER SHOOTOUT--COLEMAN, OKLAHOMA--It was our turn. Ben won the first go-round and was 4th in the second go-round to go into the finals with a good lead. We had the fastest time in the finals to win first place in the first ever Sundowner Shootout. First place paid $5000. Lee was a late entry and she had two good runs to get into the finals in 8th place and after a good run in the finals, finished seventh. In the photo on the left, I'm receiving a buckle and Tritronics training collar(Tritronics was a major sponsor for the Shootout) for winning first with Ben. Standing with me is Darrell Cook, director for the Sundowner Stockdog Association. On the right is Lee being recognized for finishing 7th overall. There were 60 dogs total in this trial. Next stop is Cortez, Colorado for the Four States Ag Expo Cattle Dog Trial.

STAR, TEXAS--CARL LARSEN'S--Good challenging cattle and tough competition made for a good trial at Carl and Peggy Larsen's house in Star, Texas. We had some good runs and some not so good runs. Saturday was our best day. Ben won 1st in the Open, Lee won 1st in the Pro-Novice(this pointed her out of the Pro-Novice class and she had to move up to the Open on Sunday) and Slick(owned by Kirby Elenburg of Bridgeport, Texas) came in 4th in the Pro-Novice. This was Slick's first trial since the Lone Star Cattle Dog Futurity where he won the first go-round. Slick was also the highest placing Nursery dog which qualifies him for the 2005 National Cattledog Finals held by the USBCHA. Sunday the cattle weren't as kind to us in the Open with none of my dogs placing. Bill made a comeback from Saturday to win the Pro-Novice Class and Slick was again fourth. Next stop is Coleman, Oklahoma for the Sundowner Shootout. Sixty dogs at $400 entry fees should make for a good payout and Ben and Rudy will be trying to get some of it.

Cortez, Co--We went to Colorado to visit our son and ran Rudy and Ben in the Open Class at the Four States Ag Expo in Cortez. Rudy strained a ligament on his first run on Friday so I scratched him from the rest of his runs. Ben was 1st on Friday and 2nd on Saturday to win the average. In the picture above, we are receiving the first place buckle from Carolyn Watson, the trial director. Now on to Houston on Saturday for the Lone Star Cattledog Futurity Super Futurity and Derby with Rudy and Slick and then on Sunday we'll run in the sheepdog trial with Ben, Rudy, Lee, and Bill. We'll leave on Wednesday for the NATIONAL CATTLEDOG FINALS in Green Forest, Arkansas.

THE HOUSTON LIVESTOCK SHOW AND RODEO SHEEPDOG TRIAL--HOUSTON, TX--A good sheepdog trial with a good crowd. Ben finished 2nd in the Open. Bill got 2 checks by finishing 3rd in the Open Ranch and 1st in the Nursery. The picture on the left is the Open placings with Wayne Elmore and Juce winning the Open. In the middle is the Open Ranch placers with Eleno Montemayor and Cooper winning 1st and the picture on the right is for the Nursery placings. Now to the USBCHA NATIONAL CATTLEDOG FINALS in Green Forest, Arkansas.

COLEMAN, OKLAHOMA--9/11/04--SUNDOWNER STOCKDOG ASSOCIATION TRIAL--We went for one day of the monthly weekend trial. The trial this month was held at the Gary Shipman ranch with an outrun and fetch into a pen to work some obstacles. The cattle were fresh black heifers. Ben won 1st in the Open with 33 dogs entered and Bill won 4th in the class of 20 for dogs 30 months and under(as of Jan. 1st.) They call this the Novice Class. Slick and Jodi both did well and ended up in a tie with several dogs for the last few placings but were bumped on the tie-breaker. Nothing for a month until we go back to the Sundowner.




What a great 2004 Futurity and Maturity it was. We were a little disappointed not making the finals in the Futurity but we came close with Ty(owned by Kirby Elenburg) and Queen(owned by Bryan and Brad Elenburg and Mike Thornton) tying for 13th and 14th after 2 go-rounds and 63 dogs competing. We almost got in. Our good fortune came in the Maturity where Ben won 2nd in the long go-round competing against 51 dogs. We were 4th in the finals to finish 4th overall. Our next stop is back to Coleman, Oklahoma with Ben, Bill, and Slick(Kirby's dog) for the Sundowner Shootout on Nov. 12th-14th.


Twenty four Open dogs made a run at it but Ben came out on top as the winner of the Open Class at the Texas Cattledog Finals in Big Lake, Texas. He did it by winning 3rd in the 1st go-round and 2nd in the 2nd go-round. In the picture, I'm receiving the buckle for 1st place from the Association President, Richard Belvin. In the Pro-Novice Class, Slick(Kirby's dog) won the first go-round. In the second go, Jodi was second which slid her up to 3rd in the average in the Pro-Novice Class.

Ben Wins Average at 72 Ranch

The 72 Ranch, owned by Billy Martin and managed by Kris Larsen, hosted another great cattledog trial in their beautiful indoor cutting horse training arena. All black heifers made for challenging runs in all classes. On Saturday, with 19 dogs in the Open, Lee won 1st with Ben coming in 2nd. Lee beat Ben by 1 second. On Sunday, with 20 dogs competing in the Open, Ben won 1st and Bill won 2nd. Ben beat Bill by 1 second. That gave Ben the best 2 day combined score and made us the winner of an embroidered Carhart jacket, caps and dog food. We go back to Coleman, Oklahoma in 3 weeks.


What a great time we had at the World Stockdog Championship at the Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Seventy seven dogs went 2 go-rounds to make the top 15 finals. This is an arena sheepdog timed trial where everyone runs the designed course and the fastest one wins. In the finals, they only pay 2 places. First place gets $10,000 and 2nd gets $4000. Ben and Bill were my 2 entries. Bill finish 27th in the 1st go and in trying to make up some time, gripped at the pen in the 2nd go and was disqualified. Ben was behind Bill in the 1st go finishing 32nd with a 3:58 time in the 4 minutes they allowed. He also needed to make up some time and did so by winning 4th in the 2nd go-round with a 1:55. This put Ben and I twelveth in the top 15. The Finals is a clean slate finals where your first 2 times are dropped and the fastest time in the finals wins. We drew good sheep that would let us push on them without fighting. I shut the gate with 1:19 on the clock. Before my run, there had been a 1:37 from Gerald Bunny of Aladdin, Wyoming. Gerald came back with his second dog in the finals and tied himself with another 1:37. Last to go was Elvin Kopp of Alberta. Elvin had the fastest time of the entire trial with a 1:13 in the 2nd go-round so I knew with this dog he could beat me but I was at least 2nd. Elvin had a great run but shut the gate at 1:35 giving me the 1st place check and him 2nd. The Stampede treated all of the finalist to a very nice winter coat provided by their sponsors and I'll also receive a nice leather coat with some embroidering on it. We're going next to Wyoming for 7 cattledog trials sponsored by the Wyoming Stockdog Association.


Ben wins the buckle at Rawlins

Rock Springs wasn't kind to us again this year. At Rawlins, Ben was 4th in the Open and Reno won the Open Ranch Class. That evening they brought back the top 8 Open dogs in a sudden death run for the buckle. Ben and I were the fastest taking the Carbon County Fair Cattledog Trial buckle. (Lately Ben and I are liking the 'Sudden Death' format.) I'm receiving the buckle in the picture above from Clyde Johnson, manager of the TA Ranch in Saratoga, Wyoming. The TA was the sponsor of the buckle.

Calgary Stampede

We didn't repeat as last year's winners but we had our shot. This year we started with 78 dogs. After 2 go-rounds, Ben was 4th in the combined scores. The finals is a clean slate winner take all so our earlier scores only gave us the advantage of running later in the running order of the top 15. When I sent Ben on his outrun, the sheep waited until he got to about 10 o'clock and then broke for the exhaust gate. We couldn't get them stopped before they broke the pattern. We had to get them back on course which, in timing the video, cost us about 20 seconds. Those 20 seconds wouldn't have made us 1st but it would have made us 2nd. Second pays $4000. I've already worked out a plan to keep that from happening next year. I just wish next year would hurry up and get here. In the picture above, I'm standing with my friend Dennis Edwards of Sundance, Wyoming. Dennis finished 6th with Maggie and won the Sportsmanship award.

At the Star of Texas Sheepdog Trial in Austin, Ben won 1st in the Open and Mitch won 3rd in the Open. Angie won 3rd in the Open Ranch.

Everybody gets a check at the Ft. Worth Stock Show

Ft. Worth Stock Show Sheepdog Trial is always a lot of fun. I get to meet a lot of local people and we, the handlers, get to show off our dogs to people who live in my area. The trial runs for 2 days and is 2 separate trials. The first day was a little tough for us. Ben won the first go-round of the Open but you have to put 2 runs together to get a check and our 2nd run was too slow to keep us in the top 5 or 6. Mitch had a good second run but gripped out in the first go so had nothing to show for it. Angie however, put together 2 good runs to finish 3rd out of 25 Open Ranch entries. On the second day we came back with a little more luck running our way. Mitch won 2nd in the Open, Ben won 4th in the Open and Angie won 1st in the Open Ranch.

Highland Games in Helotes, Tx. A fun judged arena sheep trial. Ben was 3rd in the first Open Class and then came back to win 1st in the second Open. Mitch was 5th in the first Open and 3rd in the second run. Angie won the Nursery in both trials.